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'Grand Theft House'

Lagoe, in his report on "robo signing," a form of mortgage fraud here in Virginia.

Virginia is set to receive $3.5 million as part of the multi state robo signing settlement reached today with the company behind thousands of bogus signatures and notarizations that appeared on foreclosures used to take Virginians homes away from them.

"I collapsed I just couldn believe I just lost my home," said Ester Ramierez, a foreclosure Oxandrolone Powder India victim.

"I didn have any idea that anything of this nature was going on," said Mary Mitchell, a robo signing victim.

8News exposed fraudulent T3 Tablets Reviews foreclosure papers. The name Linda Green can be found signed to countless mortgage documents we found in area courthouses. She listed under a number of titles, allegedly working of numerous banks.

But look at the signatures. You don have to be a handwriting expert to see they were not signed by the same person. That makes them fraudulent.

8News found more than 20 different variations of the Linda Green signature in courthouses right here in the Metro Richmond area examples of what known as robo signing fancy phrase for T3 Thyroid Medication,Testosterone Acetate Cycle,Winstrol Price South Africa fraud and perjury on legal mortgage papers.

"This was a widespread national conspiracy," said state senator Chap Peterson.

The company at the center of the national conspiracy Peterson is referring to is Processing Services Inc., and it subsidiaries that include DOCX.

Many of America biggest banks hired outside parties, such as DOCX to manufacture documents during the housing bubble.

They often signed papers without ever looking at them using fake titles and names such as Linda Green, and Linda Green is certainly not the only questionable signature used.

Our investigation uncovered dozens of Primobolan Injections different robo signed names on thousands of mortgages here in Central Virginia.

Take a look at this at least four different variations of the signature for a Korell Harp, who if all these papers are to be believes is a vice president of SunTrust, American Home Mortgaging, Option One Mortgage and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc, aka Mers at the same time, this bogus paperwork was then used to foreclose on families homes.

"It was basically fraud, they were fraudulently foreclosing on people," said Jay Speers, from the Virginia poverty law center.

Speaking of Stanozolol Tablets 10mg,Sustanon 350,Testosterone Shots Ftm Cost this robo signing settlement, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued a statement saying LPS Engaged in the worst form of robo signing, broke state notary laws and undermined the trust of many in the foreclosure process. He adds such conduct will not be tolerated.

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